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I am a writer, illustrator, and member of the Horror Writers Association.

My love for creation extends from writing fiction in all its genres to exploring visual art in illustration also in all genres. Early on my fascination with comic books began a life-long journey to wonder and envision.

I am a writer and illustrator who has been fortunate to be a part of such a great industry. It is a constant learning experience - some good, some bad, mostly great.

My goals began as an artist with lofty ambitions of becoming a successful independent comic book creator. The ambition persists. My interests have broadened and I have been happy illustrating, creating covers and banner art in an industry I enjoy.

Each published fiction piece has been a real pleasure. Horror has always been close to my heart, but again, I find my interests broadened. While most of my fiction has appeared in horror markets, my writing is branching out into other genres I equally enjoy blending my love of space and science with terror. Fantasy elements continue to spur my imagination in whichever market I am working, including fantasy itelf.

I hope that one day my past, present, and future works inspire others as others have me.

L. E. Badillo