Concept Art

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Under Development

These are designs and sketches for upcoming projects.

Right now the focus is on Detonator, an upcoming comic project I'm excited to bring to life.

This is my favorite stage. Creation is bound by nothing but intention and purpose.

While much of my work is completed in digital, nearly all of my initial designs start off on traditional paper. I love sketching and the feel of each line come to life. I never know how many renditions will be needed to reach the final design.

In many cases, this is throwing as many designs down on paper that come to mind. Sometimes I start with the most obvious or expected design just to get it out of the way so it does not contaminate ideas for later designs. Finding new ways to interpret or discover new things is the goal. Creating without restrictions or influence can lead to unexpected and exciting possibilities.

Some elements can also be combined to create the final result. Discarded designs are initially welcome as these lead to the inevitable final design.