Detonator title


The lead in this project, this is a real feeling out stage for her and the other characters. She is involved in a tragic accident that leaves her combined with an assistant droid body in a desperate effort to save her life or at least extend it long enough to stop her fiance who is now the most dangerous force threatening those they swore to protect. How will she stop him? By driving the Heavy Arms capable of explosive strikes using modified Badger 9 tank rounds.

Tragic love story? I think so.

Allison Face Progression

This is a look at the transition over the course of the story with Allison's gradual decomposition. The brightness in her eyes is critical to the story as she is very much a beacon, a bright spot to those around her in all of the turmoil and devastation. It is her hope that carries the story.

From left to right:

  1. This is her natural state. Still looking for the absolute "look" for Allison but the transition is what is important.
  2. She is kept alive by the transplant into the droid assistant "frame" for lack of a better description. Her eyes have been replaced and her lids have been removed to accommodate the optics. The darkness around the eyes is the wounded flesh, which deteriorates more as the story progresses.
  3. Her tissues continue to wear down.
  4. She is more disheveled and near the end of the story. Still, she hangs on and fights for Gauge and for their people.



To desperately save the people from the storming military moving in to forcibly seize control of the Gulf region in a power play to initiate a militia state during yet another devastating hurricane, the experiment goes sideways in a hurry turning Gauge into a living mini-gun, leading to the slaughter of those involved in the project.



Leading the civilian uprising against the surging wave of military forces, Roland leads his band of survivors by any means. His tight group of unlikely brothers-in-arms get by on dumb luck and Roland’s shear will. Battered surviving the hurricane and staring down the coming war on their doorstep, Roland and his band face off against a walking tank and a living mini-gun.

From Wreckage

Detonator is about doomed love and redemption against a backdrop of environmental chaos and American democracy collapsing into martial law.

Allie must save Gauge from himself before his uncontrollable actions not only bring havoc to their oppressors but to the ones they aim to protect.

When time runs out what will remain?

Concept designs for Detonator can be found on the Concept Art page. These include designs for Allie, Gauge, the Heavy Arms, and more.

Getting to work on this between projects. Things are slow moving but moving none the less. Looking for shapes that feel right for these characters. Very much in transition for each as I’m still feeling out designs blocking in here and there. More updates for these characters coming soon, designs for other characters and important elements of the story. Looking to bring this one to life later this year.