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image of Monk Punk and Shadow of the Unknown Omnibus

Monk Punk and Shadow of the Unknown Omnibus:

Edited by A. J. French and published by Hazardous Press
In The Valley Of The Things - reprinted
Author and editor Aaron J. French combines his first two anthologies, Monk Punk and The Shadow of the Unknown, together for the first time in this Omnibus Edition. In the tradition of Steampunk, Cyberpunk, and Splatterpunk comes this new sub-strain of speculative fiction--Monk Punk. Twenty-three hard-hitting Monkpunk tales of fantasy, science fiction, and Lovecraftian horror. Madness and the Mythos, the Surreal and the Sinister. The Shadow of the Unknown collects Twenty-nine tales of horror inspired by H.P Lovecraft and the element of the unknown in supernatural fiction. Think your sanity can withstand the assault? Also included are eleven brand-new Omnibus Exclusive stories which are only available in this edition. Within these pages you will find tales from Gary A. Braunbeck, Stephen Mark Rainey, Richard Gavin, William Meikle, John R. Fultz, Josh Reynolds, Gene O'Neill, James S. Dorr, and much more!
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From Out of the Dark

Edited by Robert N. Stephenson and published by Alltair Australia PTY LTD
The Dead Kind by L. E. Badillo
A collection of short stories by various authors on the subject of Science Fiction Horror in Space. This collection contains 10 stories by 10 individual authors from Australia, Canada and the USA.
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Zombiefied Reloaded: The Search For More Brains

Edited by Carol Hightshoe and published by Sky Warrior Book Publishing, LLC
The Found And The Lost
Zombies. Why did it have to be Zombies? We’re Baaaaaaaaack! Because you can’t get enough of the shambling, walking dead, we’ve resurrected Zombiefied! to bring you 25 more of the most twisted, brain-devouring stories. You’ll groan over tales by Cynthia Ward, Terry M. West, Dana Bell, Francis W. Alexander, Patrick J. Hurley, Mary E. Lowd, and other talented authors. And once you’ve bit into one, you know you’ve been Zombiefied!
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From Their Cradle To Your Grave

Edited by Kevin G. Bufton and published by Cruentis Libri Press
Cruentus Libri Press brings you sixteen tales of horror and the macabre featuring that deadliest of all evils...children. From killer kiddies and terrible tots, to insane infants and brutal babies, you will enter a world where the next generation have no concept of honouring their fathers and mothers. From Their Cradle to Your Grave contains stories from the world's finest horror authors, including Michael Harris Cohen, Wendy L. Schmidt, Brad Carter, Kenneth E. Olson, Cameron Suey, Abra Staffin-Wiebe, Paco, Gabino Iglesias, Kevin G. Bufton, G. Lloyd Helm, James Fadeley, Patrick C. Van Slyke, David A. Riley, Lou Badillo, Dana Priebe and David Williamson.
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The Shadow Of The Unknown

Edited by A. J. French published by Static Movement
In The Valley Of The Things
Madness and the Mythos, the Surreal and the Sinister. Editor A.J. French has collected 29 tales of horror inspired by H. P. Lovecraft and the element of the unknown in supernatural fiction. Featuring stories by Gary A. Braunbeck, Gene O'Neill, Michael Bailey, Glynn Barrass, P.S. Gifford, Lee Clark Zumpe, James S. Dorr, Geoffrey H. Goodwin, Erik T. Johnson, R.B. Payne, and Ran Cartwright. Warning: Once you open the pages of this book, you willingly unleash a whirlwind of delirium and insanity that will creep into your mind. Think your sanity can withstand the assault...?

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"Intensely vivid imagery also occurs in “In the Valley of the Things” by L.E. Badillo."
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