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Accessing The Future:

Edited by Djibril al-Ayad and Kathryn Allan
The fifteen authors and nine artists in this volume bring us beautiful, speculative stories of disability and mental illness in the future. Teeming with space pirates, battle robots, interstellar travel and genetically engineered creatures, every story and image is a quality, crafted work of science fiction in its own right, as thrilling and fascinating as it is worthy and important. These are stories about people with disabilities in all of their complexity and diversity, that scream with passion and intensity. These are stories that refuse to go gently.
Description from The Future Fire website.
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"Each story highlights humans’ adaptability as a path to triumph, greater understanding, or both."
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The Future Fire
Social Political and Speculative Cyber-Fiction

Edited by Djibril al-Ayad
The Future Fire is open to submissions of beautiful and useful short stories of Social-political and Progressive Speculative Fiction; Feminist SF; Queer SF; Eco SF; Multicultural SF; Cyberpunk. An experiment in and celebration of new writing, we shall publish issues whenever we have enough stories to fill them, approximately four times a year.
Description from The Future Fire website

Comets and Criminals

Edited by Samuel May
Comets and Criminals is all about story. Rollicking, adventuresome, thought-provoking, disturbing. Each month C&C will bring you an amazing story, free of charge. So, if you love science fiction, adventure fiction, crime and mystery fiction, historical fiction, or western fiction (and their many sub-genres) then C&C will be right up your alley. Not only that, but C&C will endeavor to bring you stories that cross and straddle the boundaries of those genres.
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Leading Edge Magazine: issue #62

Published on site at Brigham Young University campus