Gran Master Thumbnails

These are the basic thumbnails for this piece. Some additional boards were added in the final to help flesh out the ending. Other additional changes were added for clarity but essentially this is how I saw this play out.

Surprise Party! Thumbnails

There are a lot more of these boards to come! I am working on these between projects. This was really fun to work on and let things just happen, which adds to the chaos of the event.

Detonator Allie thumbnails 001
Detonator Allie thumbnails 002

Detonator Thumbnails

Really liked the playfulness of these thumbnails. I tried to preserve that energy in the final boards. Might remove the textures from the final boards in the memory sequence.

Roughing It

These are roughed in drawings at a smaller scale for storyboards.

I try to keep the roughs small to keep from getting lost in the details and large enough to focus on the main focus of the shot. This really helps when figuring out the composition of the shot with basic shapes by minimizing clutter.

This keeps me from losing focus and spending time on things other than storytelling.